Comenius - Life Long Learning

The Comenius programme takes Europe to the classrooms. The European Commission supports a lot of different school projects all over Europe - as well our project "Forest - source of life". To get more information about comenius click the european flagg at the bottom of this page.


Project - Summary

The United Nation General Assembly proclaimed 2011 as the International Year of Forest therefore partner schools decided to keep the theme of the forest and their special role for the global climate in our mind. By participation in this multicultural school project  “Forest – Source of Life” all participants and local institutions become partners in gaining awareness of environmental issues and the importance of European regional and local forest resources.

As the result of the project we expect our participants to:

  • achieve a better understanding of each other by overcoming traditional prejudices and stereotypes and in this way become more conscious and  sensitive European citizens;
  • increase knowledge of forest concerning issues such as types and functions of forests, existing threats and methods of protecting forests, counteracting forest degradation, forest reclamation, forest economy, tourism and recreation;
  • become more skillful users of ICT tools and more fluent speakers of foreign languages;
  • get acquainted with flora and fauna by taking part in field activities, science research and experiments in forests and national parks;
  • influence the local forest resources by planting trees and promoting the idea of forestation;
  • improve their science and research skills and inform each other about the work progress;
  • gain practical knowledge of the project language and improve communication skills by taking part in live conversations.

Sustainability is guaranteed by:

  • documentation in form of a common website, products prepared and activities done in schools, final product (documenting album);
  • incorporating the main project topics into the school curricula;
  • making some of the activities part of the school calendar (School Forest Day, planting trees every year).